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A guide to our favourite cocktail bars in Auckland

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这里充满了活力、创造力和在世界酒吧界留下印记的强烈愿望, Auckland 已经成为新西兰最多样化的夜生活场所之一. 

从挑剔的鸡尾酒鉴赏家到下班后的快速人群这是我们的 最好的推荐指南 cocktail bars in Auckland.

1.  Bellini

The Bellini 饭店位于希尔顿饭店.  When arriving here you are immediately stuck with a sense of class.  Named after the classic prosecco based Venice cocktail you expect, and receive an extremely high class of service here.  Their bellini iced tea is a delicious perfectly balanced local favourite. 这是一个优雅的地方,一边喝着饮料,一边欣赏奥克兰海港的壮丽景色. So, avoid the noise of the Auckland nightlife in this cosy hideout. 

2.  Housebar

这个引人注目的装饰艺术酒吧隐藏在德布雷特酒店的上方,绝对是奥克兰鸡尾酒酒吧中隐藏的宝石之一. Housebar 提供了一个温馨的气氛与蜡烛和木地板的温暖的光芒.  优雅的工作人员高效地调制着著名的经典鸡尾酒和现代鸡尾酒,比如用42度以下的伏特加调制的水果味堕落天使.  这是一个整洁的小酒吧,已经恢复了它安静的荣耀,并为许多忠实的顾客服务. 

3. Rooftop at QT

Enjoy a cocktail and a bite to eat at the Rooftop at QT set against a backdrop of stunning city and harbour views.  Mezze and match from a spread of Mediterranean snacks, classic and contemporary cocktails and a wine list to suit elevated tastes.  With a light and airy bar inside and a second bar open to the sky, 设计削减一个优雅的设置下午和时尚的放纵晚上.

4.  Sugar Club

Perched 53 floors up Auckland's iconic Sky Tower, The Sugar Club 以其别致和创新的餐厅而闻名,并享有城市和豪拉基湾的美景.  在里面你会发现一个时尚的, Art Deco-inspired, cocktail bar and restaurant featuring internationally-acclaimed fusion cuisine.  The menu changes seasonally and features smaller, 开胃菜大小的盘子采用新西兰最好的农产品和来自世界各地的食材.


Lime 是一首最受欢迎的老歌,通常会听到辛纳屈(Sinatra)的歌声从门外缓缓流淌而出.  在这里,你可以和一群冷静的人一起度过一个热闹的夜晚,在这里你一定会交到一些新朋友.  这里的鸡尾酒经常获得奥克兰“最佳酒吧”的奖项,这主要归功于其创意和周到的鸡尾酒菜单. 

6. Saint Alice

Overlooking Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour, Saint Alice is a spacious bar and sun-soaked eatery with the perfect blend of sea views, beer, wine and of course, cocktails. 酒吧还提供现场娱乐和令人垂涎的当地灵感菜单.  食物菜单是为分享而做的,主要是时令农产品和最新鲜的kaimoana(海鲜)。, alongside a delicious woodfired pizza menu.
7.  Little Culprit

Little Culprit 温德姆街的时尚酒吧和酒廊是商务会议的理想场所吗, late afternoon cocktail or a more intimate late night encounter.  The bar and lounge is separated into two spaces.  前面的酒吧设有一个丰富的药房,在那里你可以栖息和观看酒吧的调酒师创造他们的招牌鸡尾酒.  A step down takes you to the second space and dark, 颓废的休息室,奢华的皮革摊位和亲密的2人桌或30人的团体座位.

  Ghost Donkey

一个有趣和活泼的墨西哥启发龙舌兰酒和梅斯卡尔酒吧位于城市的顶级购物中心之一的皇后街.  Ghost Donkey 提供客人玉米片,美食鸡尾酒,夜总会式的氛围和仙女灯上面. 
9. Parasol and Swing

依偎在高架桥的中心, Parasol and Swing is renowned for its eccentric cocktail menu, with locally sourced ingredients. The rooftop restaurant and bar is located over two levels, offering stunning views of the Viaduct harbour.   The food menu includes pork belly bites, tempira calamari, burgers and tacos and desserts with various add ons. 

10.  Caretaker

Caretaker 是一个纽约风格的鸡尾酒吧,坐落在Britomart区,灵感来自调酒的黄金时代.  我们相信鸡尾酒是一件简单的事情,最重要的是它的制作方法, 每个细节都考虑过了, from the fresh pressed juice right down to the ice in your glass.  There's plenty of cocktails on offer from the ever-changing menu or, you can trust your host to suggest the perfect drink for you.

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